Monday, August 2, 2010



A Guide to Drawing Chemical Structures
ChemSketch, freeware from ACD Labs, is a chemical structure drawing
program. Two-dimensional chemical structures are the common
representation in textbooks and other print materials in chemistry, biology, and
the health sciences. They display the interconnectivity of atoms in the structure.
Knowing how to draw structures is required to understand them and helpful as they
are converted into three-dimensional structures. Forming a three-dimensional
mental image from a two-dimensional drawing is an advantage for scientists. Chime
and RasMol are great aids to help develop this.

we can draw graph and even write the word using chemsketch

Type of Orbital

We also can draw the experiment apparatus and label it

The DNA alpha helix stucture

Lipid stucture

- hyrophobic tails point inwards

-hydrophilic heads point outward