Monday, August 2, 2010



A Guide to Drawing Chemical Structures
ChemSketch, freeware from ACD Labs, is a chemical structure drawing
program. Two-dimensional chemical structures are the common
representation in textbooks and other print materials in chemistry, biology, and
the health sciences. They display the interconnectivity of atoms in the structure.
Knowing how to draw structures is required to understand them and helpful as they
are converted into three-dimensional structures. Forming a three-dimensional
mental image from a two-dimensional drawing is an advantage for scientists. Chime
and RasMol are great aids to help develop this.

we can draw graph and even write the word using chemsketch

Type of Orbital

We also can draw the experiment apparatus and label it

The DNA alpha helix stucture

Lipid stucture

- hyrophobic tails point inwards

-hydrophilic heads point outward

Monday, July 26, 2010

the 3D macromolecules

Association of the pr peptides with dengue virus at acidic pH blocks membrane fusion.

About the Organism:

Flavivirus assembles into an inert particle that requires proteolytic activation by furin to enable transmission to other hosts. We previously showed that immature virus undergoes a conformational change at low pH that renders it accessible to furin (I. M. Yu, W. Zhang, H. A. Holdaway, L. Li, V. A. Kostyuchenko, P. R. Ch ipman, R. J. Kuhn, M. G. Rossmann, and J. Chen, Science 319:1834-1837, 2008). Here we show, using cryoelectron microscopy, that the structure of immature dengue virus at pH 6.0 is essentially the same before and after the cleavage of prM. The structure shows that after cleavage, the proteolytic product pr remains associated with the virion at acidic pH, and that furin cleavage by itself does not induce any major conformational changes. We also show by liposome cofloatation experiments that pr retention prevents membrane insertion, suggesting that pr is present on the virion in the trans- Golgi network to protect the progeny virus from fusion within the host cell.

The Researchers:
Yu, I.M., Holdaway, H.A., Chipman, P.R., Kuhn, R.J., Rossmann, M.G., Chen, J.


The molecular description:

Classification: Virus
Structure Weight: 159499.12

Molecule: Envelope protein
Polymer: 1 Type: polypeptide(L) Length: 395
Chains: A, B, C

Molecule: prM protein
Polymer: 2 Type: polypeptide(L) Length: 81

Monday, July 19, 2010

journey of life

"when the cars moves trough the gates, the sensored in the gate will calculate the time taking by the car to pass through the 2 gates, measure the time and the distance between 2 gates and calculate the car velocity.."

exactly the time Mr. Nadzam ending his explaination on the experiment, my phone vibrates steadily..

I pull out the phone out off my pocket and see who is calling... only the number appeared on the screen.. 095716400.. all my friends are running against the apparatus in the lab.. they are very excited in doing their first physic experiment at a new physics lab in a new university.. I think for 4 seconds before I end up pushing the green button on the phone...

"Hello, Assalamualaikum.. May I speak to Md. Hizrri??"
The soft voice of the operator slow my heart rate rapidly.. It was the first time I'm answered a strangers call..

"Yes, I'm speaking" I answered calmly..

"Okay, I'm Sister Aniza from IIum, congratulations, you had been offered a degree in Biomedical Science at IIum Kuantan..." I'm just remember the first phrase of the conversation, the rest, I can't ..

After spending a year at home after a great failure in life, and after exactly a month experiencing life as diploma science student, I finally received the called that I want.. A call that will raise me up to another level, the harder level but still not the hardest yet..

It was always hard to stand up again after getting such a great loss.. Just seeing the chance flew away, flew along with fellow friends who can smiled with their achievements... There is no anyone to be blame.. neither the lecturers, nor myself.. Everyone knows how hard it was and how much tears and sweats had flowed..

To say goodbye is another thing, even the one month old bond itself.. off course the bonds between friends will never breaks.. but as the distance will be further, hence the bond also will getting weaker.. On the cool friday evening, there a group of students, taking cab together forwarding to the city.. carrying all those big bags.. Just for one reason, to watch their friends going home.. to get enough rest and resdy for another bigger challenges ahead..

After spending another 5 months at home, making 11 friends waiting for me to join them.. At last.. Here I end up, sitting in the lab, making a blog for the course subject.. I might thanking Madam Noraslinda for introducing me the blog world.. where the experiences, thoughts, ideas, and voices can be shared.. By the way, I'm glad that Allah chooses that my journey of life, had brilliantly start in International Islamic University Malaysia..
My name is Mohd Hizrri Bin Arifin and this is my journey of life..